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Plakookee is a creative collaboration between  Justin Plakas and Rachel Debuque. They are artists and designers who combine a mix of sculpture, installation, time-based and photographic imagery. Their work often incorporates synthetic and man made materials in bold colors and patterns that push the boundaries of color, space and form with a digital approach. 

Rachel Debuque is an Assistant Professor and Director of  Studio Foundations at George Mason University’s School of Art and Design. 

Justin Plakas is a creative director and educator teaching Sculpture, New Media, and Video. 

Plakookee's studio is in Hyattsville, Maryland. The two artists have collaborated since 2013 on various projects including Cosmic Modules with Hemphill in Washington, DC, How to Train your Pet Turtle to Retrieve Lemons for Lemon Drop Juice for the Institute for New Feeling in Los Angelos and Love Child at Ortega y Gasset Projects in New York City.